Art of Leadership

In the Santa Cruz mountains, they would say: “Ben Zander is full of awesome”.

Ben Zander is famous conductor.  I have to admit, I did not know he also writes books. Not until we went to a book store, where my wife found  little yellow book, called “The Art of Possibility” by Ben and Rosamund Zander.

“I have to read this. Ben Zander is a great writer”, she said.

Ben Zander is great conductor. And a great writer. And a great teacher.  The little yellow book has changed the way I tell people what has to be done.

Ben starts by telling, that “everything” is “invented.” Our perception is subjective, and, in some form, “invented.” By changing the perception, we can change our reactions and our actions, this is the preach.

As experienced teacher, Ben sets a homework – exercises for changing our perception. These are not easy, not at all. These excercizes work, though. Slowly, more and more possibilities unfold.

As the rule of 10,000 tells us,  it would take 10,000 exercises to master this kind of emotion control. Ben does not leave us at this kind of emotion control, but rather goes on and explains, how a leader can unfold possibilities to these whom he leads.

I really glad my wife gave me this book.


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